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24/7 emergency and accident services

24/7 emergency and accident services refer to round-the-clock medical care who experience sudden injuries, illnesses, or accidents that require immediate attention.

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24/7 Resident Physician Services

Resident physicians work in hospitals and healthcare facilities, The term "24/7" indicates that resident physicians are available to provide care around the clock, ensuring continuous coverage and attention to patients' needs.

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24/7 digital X-ray services

24/7 digital X-ray services refer to the availability of X-ray imaging procedures and interpretations around the clock ,services provide on-demand access to X-ray examinations for patients who require diagnostic imaging.

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24/7 laboratory facilities

24/7 laboratory facilities refer to specialized medical facilities that are operational around the clock. These facilities offer continuous access to laboratory testing and analyses, enabling timely and accurate results for patients.

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24/7 hospitality Services

24/7 hospitality refers to the continuous provision of high-quality services and customer care in the hospitality industry throughout the day and night.They are committed to delivering exceptional experiences to guests.

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ECG and ECHO services

ECG and ECHO services refer to specialized medical procedures aimed at assessing and diagnosing cardiac conditions through the use of electrocardiography (ECG) and echocardiography (ECHO) techniques.

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Dental surgery theatre

A dental surgery theatre is a specialized facility within a dental clinic or hospital where various surgical procedures related to oral and maxillofacial surgery are performed.

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An inpatient department with air conditioning (AC)

An inpatient department with air conditioning (AC) refers to a specialized area within a hospital or healthcare facility where patients requiring overnight stays or extended.

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The General Inpatient Department

The General Inpatient Department (IPD) is a specialized unit within a hospital for patients requiring an overnight stay or extended hospitalization.

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Individual patient unit

An individual patient unit refers to a private space within a hospital or healthcare facility that is designated for the exclusive use of a single patient.

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ultrasound facility

An ultrasound facility, also known as an ultrasound clinic or imaging center, is a specialized healthcare setting where diagnostic ultrasound examinations are performed.

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Jayalalitha Amma - Our prominent Chief Minister, vision as our guiding light, in the memory of we continue to uphold the values she stood for - empathy, integrity, and innovation.At Amma Hospital, we take immense pride in our legacy of providing compassionate and comprehensive healthcare services to our patients. For over decades, our hospital has been serving the community with a commitment to excellence in medical care. Our team of experienced and dedicated healthcare professionals strives to provide the highest quality of medical care to our patients while ensuring that they are treated with compassion and respect.

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